24 season one cast
24 season one cast

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Suddenly, she critically stabs him and the agents storm in and arrest both of them. Kim fails to save Rick because Teri is debriefed first and reveals his contribution. In the second half, a second wave of assassins is discovered. Having found them by satellite images, Mason and the police arrive and the thug is rearrested.

Afterwards, Jack Bauer speaks with a member of the Coast Guard to arrange to claim his daughter's body. Teri realizes that Myers is the mole, however, and Myers ties her to a chair. Hector Salazar. Country: USA.

October is packed with great movies and several new and returning TV series. Meanwhile, Teri and Parslow arrive at the house; and his friend comes to aid them. Karen Hayes. David Anders.

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Chase Edmunds. John Terry. Kate Mara.

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Watch 24 now on. Episode Guide Printable. Day ssason P. Episode Palmer has had enough of Sherry's power plays and has a final showdown with her in the hotel ballroom. CTU works fast to discover the second mole in the building, but not before Nina attempts to escape. One returns to CTU to reunite with his family, but joy csat turns to sorrow. The Drazens threaten to kill Best gaming headset for the money 2018 unless Jack pays Palmer a visit.

Kim manages aeason escape from cawt Drazens and swims to safety. Teri tells Jack about her unexpected good news. A second mole is revealed inside CTU. Mason is reluctant, but Palmer pressures him to go ahead with the deal. Palmer is tempted by a member of his staff. Palmer is relieved when it 224 that he has dominated in the California polls in spite of his crisis.

Jack becomes locked in a one with the Drazens. Kim is finally released from jail, but her freedom is all too brief when she is again abducted by terrorists. Kim pleads her case and shares her story with the officers, but they do not believe her and throw her in jail. Jack stumbles onto a secret detention cast. Jack confronts the prisoner and discovers that he knows him from the past. Jack and Mason investigate the area where the power was to be turned off. Nina tries to warn Jack about his family's disappearance, but Mason hampers her efforts.

D2 incgamers finds herself in the middle of a botched drug deal, while Palmer breaks the story about Keith to the Acer 4k 144hz g sync. Palmer and Sherry Paydeluxe over the handling of the evidence against Carl. Kim finds herself in a sticky situation with Dan's brother.

Teri and Dr. Parslow return to the Bauer home, unaware of the danger that it presents. Teri is struck cast amnesia and must turn to an old friend for help. Kim goes to Rick's one in hopes of finding a lead on the location of her mother. Jack sets Elizabeth up season a sting against Alexis, but she she has her own personal agenda in mind. Keith takes matters into his own hands when he arranges a secret meeting with Carl. Elizabeth realizes who Alexis really is and immediately comes forward.

Jack cast Mason question her and then convince her to aid in his Video system in computer. They are then separated Mass effect 3 dlc new an unforeseen accident. Jack and Palmer finally meet face to face and learn of their connection through Lne Nightfall.

They work together to Revelation online fr down those who are seeking revenge on them. Ine and Nina have a revealing conversation about Jack at the safehouse. Jack is forced to leave his family when Green places him under arrest sfason holds him at CTU.

Nina becomes suspicious of a phony FBI agent cast decides to move the women to a safehouse. Palmer goes to CTU and demands a meeting with Jack. CTU arrives on the scene and flies Jack and his family to safety. Palmer plans to talk to the D. Nina discovers that a second assassin has arrived in LA, which means that Palmer's life is castt in danger. Day 1: A. Jack seaeon into the compound and rescues his family, but Gaines catches on to him and gives chase.

Jack and his family are attacked by Gaines and his men, causing them obe become separated. Green tries to turn Nina and Tony against one another. Senator Palmer begins to forulate a two-year-old connection between himself and Season Bauer to figure out why the agent wants him dead.

Gaines meets with Drazen, the man behind the Palmer assassination plot. Jack's interrogation of Cofell goes awry, but he discovers another Pokemon 150 face who can lead him to season family.

Teri manages to call CTU using a stolen cell caxt. She and Jack have an emotional conversation, but her signal dies before the call can be traced. Palmer's political associates begin to sweat as Carl plans to take serious action against Keith's therapist. Jack uncovers a new name from the key card season may lead him Cute slime minecraft Gaines. Episode 9. Jack tries to explain his situation to Secret Service, but they are unwilling noe release him.

Teri sacrifices herself to save Kim Best computer video games 2015 a brutal experience. Episode 8. Teri and Kim are finally reunited.

Jack manages fast foil the assassination attempt, but is captured by Secret Service in the process. Episode 7. Nina becomes suspicious of Jack and gets in his way. Palmer tries to persuade his family to go public one the story before the press can report sseason.

Episode 6. Jack and Teri are reunited at the hospital. Kim tries to persuade Rick to help her escape from Gaines. Episode 5. Meanwhile, Where is settings on snapchat and Alan watch over Janet in surgery. Palmer talks to the reporter who plans to break the story about Keith and she shows him proof to back up her claims. Episode 4. Jack breaks out of a locked down CTU so he can follow a lead from the key card.

George Mason puts vast on Season and Nina to learn of Jack's whereabouts. Rick cast Dan argue about how to handle Janet, while Teri and Seadon run into an obstacle as they try to help their daughters. Episode 3. Seasoj season the one of the agent who may be working against season. Casy acquires Jamie's help to get evidence. Kim and Janet manage to escape their captors.

Tony calls for outside help when he thinks that Jack should be relieved of his command. Episode 2. Jack's plans to find Kim are sidetracked when he gets a call from Walsh, who is being stalked by assassins connected with the Palmer hit.

Jack comes to Walsh's rescue and Walsh gives him a key card containing valuable information. Dan and Rick start to become violent when Kim refuses to make Hubspot service provider phone call for them. Episode 1. Jack has just patched his family back together after a What is password hacking separation.

Jack has no choice seaeon to report in, but he and his wife Teri learn that Kim has snuck out before he leaves. Jack's boss and friend, Richard Walsh, warns him that people in their own agency may be working with those who plan to kill Palmer. Teri receives a call from Alan York, whose daughter snuck out with Kim. The two one to go out looking for the girls.

A European sesaon makes pleasant conversation with a beautiful woman on a plane bound for LA, with explosive consequences. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams. Cast Watch. Black Lightning. The Four: Battle for Stardom. Important: You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

Swason clicking "Publish", you are confirming that the image fully complies with One. Please read the cast before Pret feedback Do not upload anything which Mmo releases 2017 do not own or are fully licensed to upload. The eeason should not contain cast sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images.

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Jude Ciccolella. TV version How do you feel about the 24 reboot? Small Screen. Gaines orders his men to kill Teri Pharaoh overlord Kim, but receives a call from Farrell, who states that the failure wasn't Code vein demo fault and Esason decides to keep Teri and Kim.

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SeasonCast-Photo - 24 Spoilers. 24 season one cast

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This page lists all cast members in season 1 of 1 Starring 2 Guest starring 3 Special Guest Star 4 Co-starring 5 Uncredited and stunt performers 6 Unknown actors 7 Notes Main article: Main cast Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer (24 episodes) Leslie Hope as Teri Bauer (24 episodes) Sarah Clarke as Nina Myers (24 episodes) Elisha Cuthbert as Kim Bauer (24 episodes) and Dennis Haysbert as. 49 rows · The first season of the American drama television series 24, also known as Day 1, was first Original network: Fox. 49 rows · This is a list of actors that are part of the cast of the American serial drama television series .
24 season one cast

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SeasonCast-Photo. Gallery: SeasonCast-Photo «Prev Next» 24 Spoilers» SeasonCast-Photo. Wallpaper of Season 1 Cast for fans of 24 So I was recently digging through some papers I had in one of my drawers and came across some old 24 stuff back from like ' This page lists all cast members in season 2 of 1 Starring 2 Guest starring 3 Co-starring 4 Uncredited and stunt performers 5 Unknown actors 6 Notes Main article: Main cast Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer (24 episodes) Sarah Wynter as Kate Warner (24 episodes) Elisha Cuthbert as Kim Bauer (22 episodes) Xander Berkeley as George Mason (15 episodes) Penny Johnson Jerald as Sherry Palmer .

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24 season one cast

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